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Compliance Update - June 2017

Celink is excited to announce the consolidation of all Requests for Information (RI), Qualified Written Requests (QWR) and General Complaints into a one-stop shop for complaint management under the leadership of Christine Johnson.  Jeanne Altnether was hired as the new QWR Manager and began reporting to Christine in late April. 


Celink always strives to provide excellent service to each borrower and has always taken the receipt of any service or other complaint as a matter of great importance. It made the decision to further invest and dedicate additional capital and human resources to this critical function through hiring Jeanne, who has several years of experience in QWR complaint writing, and is a published editor. Commencing May 1, her newly-formedteam will begin migrating this work from all servicing departments, with the majority of the work fully transitioned by June 1st. 


The Compliant process has become an area of increased scrutiny and focus by state regulators, CFPB, Investors and Clients.  The QWR Team will focus on development of a more robust complaint tracking and monitoring program, enhancing the existing reporting and trending of complaints, improving the borrower response experience, all the while ensuring that all regulatory timelines are met.  Christine and Jeanne will closely monitor results and will be working to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to streamline efficiencies while mitigating potential risks for Celink and our clients. 


Contact Christine or Jeanne at: complaintmanagement@celink.com