Maximize Your Servicing Revenue

Celink is the nation’s largest independent subservicer of reverse mortgages because it has consistently demonstrated its capacity to support our client’s growth at the lowest servicing cost per loan possible, which increases the value of our client’s mortgage servicing assets. 

The domain expertise of Celink personnel is widely acknowledged by our clients and the industry-at-large. Enlisting Celink as your subservicer puts your borrowers and servicing business  in the capable hands of the most experienced team of reverse mortgage servicing experts.  

ReverseServ™, Celink's custom purpose built reverse mortgage servicing software, is a web-based platform that supports HECMs, Ginnie Mae securitizations, and numerous other proprietary reverse mortgage products. In addition, Celink is also MERS-ready. 

Forming an alliance with Celink as your reverse mortgage subservicer means exceptional financial, human resource, and time savings for you.

Manage, Mitigate and Reduce Risk

Reverse mortgage servicing is highly specialized and resource intensive.  Reverse mortgage servicing platforms have become feature rich, enterprise class software utilizing three tier architectures and high performance database design.  We know that servicing is mission critical to your business.

It has taken Celink a decade to become reverse mortgage subject matter experts and we have developed a comprehensive, detailed set of operating procedures that covers virtually every servicing duty and responsibility.  Our domain expertise, integrated with our ReverseServ servicing  platform, provides our clients with best-in-class reverse mortgaging servicing, business agility,  and peace of mind in this very dynamic and highly regulated industry.

Your focus is loan origination. Our focus is loan servicing. We don’t compete with our clients; we serve as their strongest ally and advocate.  

Protect Your Brand Reputation

As the nation’s largest subservicer of the reverse mortgage product, we know that a client’s borrowers and brand reputation are being entrusted to our professional care. 

What happens to the reverse mortgage product on our watch will have a lasting impact on the industry as well. This is why Celink is 100% focused on reverse mortgage servicing.  

Your borrowers will “live” in servicing throughout the life of their loans. You won’t find a more expert or caring reverse mortgage ally. Your brand reputation and borrowers are safe with Celink.