The servicing platform is the control center of every servicing operation.

We know that servicing is mission critical to your business. Traditional forward mortgage platforms cannot service reverse mortgages.  Some have tried, all have failed.  Fact is, reverse mortgage servicing platforms have become feature rich, enterprise class software utilizing three tier architectures and high performance database design. 

Integrated webservices, platform independence, flexibility, and agile fast-moving servicing functions must be in place to meet new challenges from regulatory, client, and business environments. At the same time, maximum levels of security must be maintained. This is challenging work that requires the highest level of trust and core competencies of the people and systems that IT utilizes. 

To meet every challenge, and enable servicing related organizations to thrive and grow in this dynamic market, IT must be agile and responsive. Change is one of the only constants in our reverse mortgage industry. The old paradigm of a highly structured IT environment has been replaced with one that has the same level of adaptability as the business it supports.