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About Us

Company Overview

Long-recognized nationally for its ability to customize servicing for innovative products and situations, Celink has at its disposal a veritable wealth of resources to draw upon in meeting the distinct needs of clients, investors and borrowers.

No matter the size of your portfolio, you’ll enjoy the same benefits and value-added services all clients do when they join Celink.

The Celink value includes – at no cost to our clients:

  • Demonstrations of integrity and quality servicing assurance
  • Reliable, scalable reverse mortgage servicing technology
  • Corporate integrity and demonstrated ethics
  • Customized client and end-investor reporting
  • Regulatory and compliance guidance and support
  • Financial viability and sustainable growth opportunities
  • Capacity to support our clients’ growth plans

Celink... in brief

Celink, the nation’s largest independent subservicer of reverse mortgages, has demonstrated the capacity to support client growth, as well as its own. It has in place strategies on the financial, facility, information technology and human resource fronts to support continued growth for many years to come.

ReverseServ™, Celink's proprietary software, is a web-based platform that supports HECMs, Ginnie Mae securitizations, and numerous other proprietary reverse mortgage products. In addition, Celink is also MERS-ready.

The company’s clients include regional and national lenders, banks and insurance companies, along with several Wall Street firms.

Celink was the first company in the reverse mortgage industry to introduce and publicly commit to its own Code of Ethics.


Why choose Celink? Because Celink:

  • Is a Standard and Poor’s "Above Average" ranked select servicer of reverse mortgages
  • Is an approved "Participation Agent" for Ginnie Mae HECM securitizations
  • Is recognized and praised for its integrity and ethical business practices
  • Is a financially-viable and growth-positioned partner, with a reverse servicing portfolio exceeding $30 billion
  • Has the historically-proven ability – and strategies in place – to ramp up for any volume of loan production.
  • Will not sacrifice principle for profit

Fidelity - Integrity - Respect - Stewardship - Trust